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Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening

February 4, 2010

Direct recordings from sets of brain cells revealed that three fundamentally distinct aspects of language (meaning, structure, and word sounds) are computed in a small part of the brain and in a tightly-timed sequence. (Illustration / Ned T. Sahin, PhD)

Reading, writing, speaking and listening are the four primary language skills.  They can be considered in several ways.  Here’s a common one:

  • Expressive: speaking, writing.  A person can express themselves using language in these ways.
  • Receptive: listening, reading.  A person receives someone else’s self-expression.

The enhancing of these language skills occurs in classrooms, on the job, and in just plain old living.  For language teachers, the ways of science, art, and parents everywhere have been utilized in various forms to increase both first and second language competency.

Let’s look at science. (more…)