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Alum Akisha Pearman: English Language Fellow

January 21, 2010

Applying her Peace Corps experience at SIT, Akisha Pearman went on to be a US State Department English Language Fellow in Mozambique.  Here she reflects on her SIT experiences and presents a compelling, insider’s view of what it means to teach, to listen, and to change.  In this email interview, note how she uses her SIT learning in a variety of settings.  How different education would be if we all had had teachers like Akisha! (more…)


Akisha: Using My MAT in Mozambique

April 23, 2009

akisha-pearmanAkisha Pearman, MAT 38 (2006-07), describes her work, her joys, and her teaching in Mozambique in a program sponsored by the US State Department.  Working around internet connection problems, Akisha sent this post by cellphone through Facebook to reach the blog.

While writing my portfolio the summer after classes ended, a kind reader/editor and former MAT classmate found that I had incorrectly described my degree at SIT as being a Masters in the Art of Teaching.  At first I thought I wrote it by accident but after some thinking I kinda liked the way it sounded.  I do think teaching can be described as an art.  In addition to teaching I am passionate about the art of photography; that magical little rectangle (or square) can tell so many stories and can be used a great conversation piece, subject for analysis and critical thinking, or illustration for grammatical points.  I got to put my two loves for “art” into practice last year in Mozambique as an English Language Fellow for the US State Department. (more…)