About MAT Admissions

Marshall Brewer counsels prospective MAT students and applicants. From the time of first interest until enrollment, he will help you consider how an SIT education can complement your goals and guide you through the process of admission.

He is happy to talk about his experience as a student and a teacher, about the degree, and about the profession. In fact, he believes so strongly in the value of this education, all you have to do is pose a question, and he’ll start talking.

Marshall Brewer

What do you want to do in the world?

What is important to you?

Why do you want to teach?

What draws you to SIT?

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7 Responses to “About MAT Admissions”

  1. Muchumayeli Bhebhe Says:

    Your University is the best one in the world keep on keeping on.

  2. Judy Says:

    This sounds like an exciting program. How much can be done online? Is the GRE required? I don’t have an undergrad in Spanish, but 9+ years in LatinAmerica. Would I still be able to apply?

  3. matadmissions Says:

    Hi, Judy.

    The GRE doesn’t measure what SIT wants to know about you. It is not required.

    Portions of some courses might be done online, but that is not the norm. Face-to-face interaction is integral to the education.

    Your bachelor’s degree, though not in Spanish, is fine. Nine plus years in Latin America is desirable, just as any extensive intercultural experience is. The real question is this: how are you able to derive learning from your experience as your career moves forward?

    I would welcome your further consideration of the MA in Teaching and invite you to send me email questions using admissions@sit.edu.

    Marshall Brewer

  4. Liza Says:

    I am very interested in this program, however I have a question about the definition of previous “intercultural” experience, which I realize is desirable as mentioned above. I have worked with various cultures within the US but do not have extensive experiences from working abroad. Would that still qualify me as a candidate for the MAT program? Thanks in advance for your response!

    • matadmissions Says:

      “Intercultural experiences,” in this instance, are those that require some kind of adjustment. Regardless of your location, if you found you needed to change your behavior, language, manners, attitude or awareness in order to become more effective, then those experiences would qualify. The other part of the question is this: what did you learn by making such changes? SIT requires that you not only consider situations, but that you learn from them and can articulate such learning. Isn’t this an essence of great teaching that is sustainable over time and renewable year to year?

      I welcome your further investigations of SIT and would be happy to continue our exchanges.

      Marshall Brewer

  5. Mary Pace Says:

    This sounds really exciting. I would like to learn more. I am interested in a Master’s in ESOL. My undergrad work was in French studies, with some time as a student in France.

    • matadmissions Says:

      It is exciting!

      To learn more, please consult the web pages describing the degree that complements your goals.

      English to Speakers of Other Languages (all levels, all contexts, world-wide)
      English as a Second Language in US Public Schools (K-12 ESL teacher’s license)
      English to Speakers of Other Languages (low residency format)

      Your intercultural experience in France (or anywhere) can prove decidedly useful in class and in your application. Beyond the experience, though, what’s even more important is how you’ve put that experience to use. What have you done with the learning you did in France? How has that experience influenced your subsequent study, career path, and decision-making? These questions are relevant in the application for the MA in Teaching as well as in the MAT classroom.

      Marshall Brewer
      Admissions Counselor

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