Alumni Respond to Faculty

Alumni respond to the update letter from faculty.  Note the strong, loyal feelings expressed here.  (Notes have been edited lightly for reasons of confidentiality.)


Thanks for the encouraging update. It is good to know MAT continues.

I would like be in contact with Elizabeth Tannenbaum. Would you be able to extend this email to her with a request to reply? Elizabeth is, after all, my advisor for life (her words), so I think it best that we reconnect 😉



I wanted to send my greetings to you all.



Hi there!   This is great news…..

I am still in Viet Nam….and will try to fill you in later….very, very busy just now….but thanks for the update…

Always miss SIT….



Good to hear that MAT lives on!

Great to see that my profs are still with SIT.






Thank you for the wonderful email update.

I would like to spread the word that Prince William County, Virginia, is also interested in MAT graduates.  We are always recruiting good ESOL teachers and are especially interested in those that have certification.  Experience in elementary schools is also a plus.

Please ask current or recently graduated MATs to look at our website:

Thank you for all that you do!



It is good to hear from you. You may not remember me, Alex, Bea, Elizabeth, Pat, but I remember you all fondly. A few years back I ran into Mike Jerald near his Peace Corps office in DC. I am glad to know the program is regaining its strength and momentum. Although I don’t teach anymore, it is important to me that my school maintain its stellar reputation.  I hope the positions lost can be recovered. I do hope to visit the campus again and hopefully see many of you again.



Thanks for the update. I am currently the ESL teacher for the ____ School District in Maine, and will be bumped up to full time status with benefits hopefully by Christmas break. I am very thankful for this position (in this great district!) during this time of economic crisis.



Boyce House on the SIT Campus in Winter

Greetings to S.I.T. and that wonderful MAT program.

I am delighted to know how well the MAT program is continuing.  I loved the methods that I learned while at S.I.T. so long ago.  Now, I’ve retired from my teaching position in Japan, but I’ve continued to work with foreign students back home in  El Paso, Texas.  I may not stay here, but for now it’s okay.

One dear friend I met at S.I.T. is Colette.  We’ve been good, good friends since we met in 1986.  In fact, I was with Mike and Colette in Vermont this past summer.  They are wonderful people.

Tina, Claire, Ani, Lisa.  I’d love to know what has happened to these excellent teachers and nice people.

Thanks — hope to get up to the campus again one of these days.



I retired from teaching ESL in December 2005.  Every two months, I help score M-TEL tests, the oral portion of the ESL test, in Hadley, Massachusetts.



From a MAT 19 student, it was wonderful to receive an update yesterday on our wonderful MAT program from the faculty. I haven’t heard from the faculty in a long time and it was refreshing to hear your voices and sense of optimism. I’m sure you have all been through a lot over the last year (s)  I hope updates can be heard more often from faculty and not only from the administration



Thank you for this update.  I now feel better about making a donation.



It is just fantastic to hear all the good things that are happening in all the programs.  I’ve been amazed by the results we obtain by using the tools we were provided with while in SIT.  It doesn’t really surprise me how the world admires the hearty job done by every single student from all the different programs that World Learning holds under its big umbrella.  It is hard for us to use every tool you gave us and not place our heart next to it to shape and design a relationship with the students represented on every corner of the world.

I’m glad to hear that despite  all the changes made in the past years some of the principles were kept.  Blending the cognitive and humanistic sides of the students at SIT is the biggest gift you’ve provided the world with. Congratulations!

I would also like to know more about the program for Dominican and Haitian teenagers. Since I’m Dominican and I live in the Dominican Republic allow me please to help in any way possible. “I’M PROUD OF BELOGING TO YOUR ORGANIZATION”.

Best regards,



I was heartened to get this message. My arguments for saving, and even expanding MAT, are numerous and start with the fact that going there was the smartest educational decision I’ve ever made. A number of teaching positions I’ve garnered along the way were due, in some degree, to the program director in charge also being an SIT alum. Similarly, whenever I’ve been in supervisory positions, either here or abroad, I’ve jumped at the chance to hire MATs as classroom instructors. Frankly, in over 30 years of ESL/EFL teaching and program administration I have yet to find graduates of any other program who match up favorably to what SIT produces. Keep up the good work!




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2 Responses to “Alumni Respond to Faculty”

  1. Megan Says:

    Thanks Susan for the news, being one of the 2008’s, I can say I felt saddened by the reduction of the program, the movement, and the overhanging questions. I am pleased to know that I can confidently recommend SIT and especially the Summer MAT program.

    Another thing is that I hope also to hear about our MATs in Saudi, maybe a write up of their adventures in order to prepare others in the future, and also for my personal curiosity!

    I loved the program, and feel more comfortable in my teaching skin than ever before. I just recently had a observation by my new school and she gave me praise, and then asked me where I studied for my Masters, and I was so proud to say “SIT”!

    Thank you SIT. With love of teaching, Megan Pugh

    • matadmissions Says:

      Megan, I am delighted to know you are recommending SIT. Did you know you can take that action one step further?

      You can request that SIT waive an applicant’s $50 application fee. For the candidates you know are a good match for SIT, your status as an alum is given considerable weight.

      Thanks for requesting a description of how things are going at the Saudi INTERLINK Language Center. Watch this blog!

      With warm wishes,

      Marshall Brewer
      Admissions Counselor

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