TESOL’s Essential Teacher, October 2009

ETA good example of how SIT and the other programs of World Learning are making a difference in language teaching is the current issue of TESOL Inc’s magazine, Essential Teacher, vol. 6, issue 3-4, October 2009.

Alvino Fantini, SIT professor emeritus, addresses teachers who use a holistic approach to language teaching. “Culture/Cross-Culture: Identifying and Using Language -Culture Resources.”

Dorothy Zemach, MAT 21 (1990), writer and editor of numerous publications, enlightens the debate between use of authentic materials and those created for the classroom.  “From A to Z:  The Mystery of the Perfect Method.”

Eileen Whelan Ariza, MAT 18 (1987), of Florida Atlantic University, notes the social impact of the magazine on a community service school for the deaf.  “From the Editor.”

Jane Hoelker, SMAT 17 (1998), of Qatar University, serves both the professional association and the discipline as a whole through her activities on TESOL Inc’s Board of Directors.

Charles Amorosino, ICT 9 (1972), continues as TESOL Inc’s Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer.

In election news, TESOL Inc’s board and nominating committee bears a look:

Myrna Ann Adkins, Experiment Japan (1962), of Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning (Colorado), is running for TESOL Inc’s 2010-2013 Board of Directors.

Anne Marie Foerster Luu, PIM 50 (1992), of Montgomery County (Maryland) Public Schools, is running to represent the Nominating Committee’s Elementary and Secondary Education Programs.

Stephen Hanchey, MAT 4 (1973), of the University of Cairo (Egypt), is running to represent the Nominating Committee’s Interest Sections.

Ryuko Kubota, MAT 18 (1987), of the University of British Columbia (Canada), is running to represent researchers on the Nominating Committee.

What do all these abbreviations and numbers mean?

MAT” refers to SIT’s Academic Year Master of Arts in Teaching.  The numeral following designates the history of the program.  For example, MAT 18, refers to the eighteenth year of the program.  In September 2009, SIT enrolled MAT 41.

SMAT” refers to SIT’s Summer MA in Teaching.

ICT” refers to SIT’s International Career Training program, which has since grown into Programs in Intercultural Service, Leadership, and Management, now abbreviated PIM.  The numbers, however, continue without interruption.

The Experiment,” short for The Experiment in International Living, is the progenitor of all of World Learning’s intercultural activities, begun in 1932, and continues to have significant impact on teenagers’ perspectives and careers in homestay-based summer programs for high school students, their US families, and their international host families.


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2 Responses to “TESOL’s Essential Teacher, October 2009”

  1. eileen ariza Says:

    HI Marshall,
    I think I am MAT 18. Can you check?
    Eileen (Whelan) Ariza

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