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Faculty Update Alumni

November 30, 2009

Exceptional faculty hold a special place in the hearts of their students for many, many years.  No where is this more true than at SIT.  A peer-to-peer relationship develops that expresses itself in a variety of ways.  MA in Teaching faculty consider themselves colleagues of their graduated students and take seriously this special status with their 3000 alumni around the world.  Just like this pond at SIT reflects the trees around it even as it sustains them, students reflect and sustain their teachers, while both enhance the disciplines of teaching and learning.

This letter, slightly altered for purposes of this blog’s more public setting, keeps MAT alumni up to date on the graduate degree they all value so highly.

Dear Alumni,

We are pleased to be back in touch with you and to send you some promising news from the SIT Graduate Institute.  Under President Adam Weinberg’s new leadership, World Learning has renewed its commitment to the future of SIT’s MA in Teaching, to maintaining and strengthening the quality of our programs and enhancing MAT’s potential for growth and innovation.

Presently the Academic Year MAT has one of its highest percentages of international students, (more…)


Expatriate Teachers

November 25, 2009

Susan Barduhn

SIT faculty are experienced and curious practitioners of their craft.  As an example, in her sabbatical this year Susan Barduhn investigates the influence of a particular segment of the world’s English language teachers.  Here, she shares her approaches and requests your participation in her study.

Hello MAT alums, future MATs, colleagues, and friends,

I am very fortunate in having been granted a sabbatical for this academic year, and I’d like to tell you about the exciting project I’m doing for it. My focus is on expatriate teachers who have taught English in at least three different countries. I will be looking at our influence on the spread of English, and on our professional development and career paths. I also want to explore who the expatriate teacher is, and why we choose to live outside the countries where we grew up.

Here are some of my focus questions: (more…)

TESOL’s Essential Teacher, October 2009

November 5, 2009

ETA good example of how SIT and the other programs of World Learning are making a difference in language teaching is the current issue of TESOL Inc’s magazine, Essential Teacher, vol. 6, issue 3-4, October 2009.

Alvino Fantini, SIT professor emeritus, addresses teachers who use a holistic approach to language teaching. “Culture/Cross-Culture: Identifying and Using Language -Culture Resources.”

Dorothy Zemach, MAT 21 (1990), writer and editor of numerous publications, enlightens the debate between use of authentic materials and those created for the classroom.  “From A to Z:  The Mystery of the Perfect Method.”

Eileen Whelan Ariza, MAT 18 (1987), of Florida Atlantic University, notes the social impact of the magazine on a community service school for the deaf.  “From the Editor.” (more…)