Iran Today & Yesterday

Photo by Michal Czerwonka for The New York Times
Photo by Michal Czerwonka for The New York Times

In an article in the June 26, 2009, New York Times, Samuel Freedman features the story of Habib Hosseiny, an alumnus of SIT’s MA in Teaching (1979).

Concurrent with the recent protests in Iran, the story describes  the ongoing persecution of Bahais in Iran, who are being blamed by the government for the recent election protests. Hosseiny is now a Bahai refugee in New Jersey who sits on a nine-member spiritual assembly.

As such, Hosseiny demonstrates that living one’s values, regardless of spiritual practice, is an important dimension of a life of service as well as a life that creates change.


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One Response to “Iran Today & Yesterday”

  1. Steven Lonning Says:

    I applaud Mr. Hosseiny’s efforts to bring peace not only to his native country of Iran but to his adopted community in New Jersey, USA. Through these individual efforts joined together with millions of others around the world change can and will happen. As stated in the Baha’i writings ,”The earth is one country and mankind its citizens.”

    Steve Lonning MAT 17

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