Returning to a Place We Know

daylilyIn addition to the new students who began their first summer courses on Monday, Tuesday was the initial day for the 16 students returning to SIT for their second summer.  Returning to a place we know can show us how we are different.

Asked by Program Chair Susan Barduhn to reflect on the past year developing their teaching practices, students were quite insightful in their comments.  Posted in writing below, the original quiet sense of deep listening and demonstrable respect in the classroom is absent.  However, these statements are just as true today in print as they were yesterday when spoken.  They show how thoughtful, serious, and careful teachers can be as they consider how to improve their effectiveness.

Wouldn’t you love to be a student in one of these teachers’ classes?

  • Being a happier teacher makes me a better teacher.
  • I was able to see how balancing being an individual and being  in a group helps me to teach.  It also helps my students to learn.
  • Sometimes I stumble and need to heal.  I want to learn how not to stumble.
  • I had to be strong.  I am learning to be strong.
  • I need to relax.  My students know I’m there for them.
  • I didn’t know it was important until I didn’t have it anymore.
  • I am finding ways to help my students feel better about themselves.
  • I need to stop talking to myself as I listen to others.

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