Kevin: My Photo Exhibition

gokukuji-1An American, a Korean, and an Omani walk into a bar…  It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it was a typical Friday evening in Brattleboro.

Last week one of our fellow MAT classmates, Kevin Cross, opened an exhibition of his photography, Plastik Fantastik!, at Flat Street Brewery in downtown Brattleboro.  The pub was packed with SIT students, faculty, alumni, and others celebrating Kevin’s work and enjoying Brattleboro’s monthly Gallery Walk.

Plastik Fantastik! is a collection of Kevin’s photography taken while living and teaching in Ecuador and Japan.  In his exhibition artist’s statement, note the application of the experiential learning cycle: experience, analyze, hypothesize, repeat.  Balancing product and process, important teaching and learning concepts, are also present.

After years of shooting digital photography, Kevin Cross was given a plastic, medium-format film camera, called a Holga, by a friend and found it a refreshing and inspiring change. For Kevin, digital had become all about the product: sharp images, instant gratification, and the documenting of the places and cultures he was living in. The Holga rekindled his love for process: spontaneity, experimentation, ambiguity, and his desire to create, not just document.

His photography creatively captures beautiful moments of everyday culture.  His art will be up through the month of April.  I highly encourage anyone in the Brattleboro area to check it out!

Congratulations Kevin!


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