Lara: My Supervision

lara-kurthLara Kurth, a current MA in Teaching student just returned from Costa Rica, describes the way in which her internship supervision took place.  While the process of the supervision may be typical for the program, what she learned was uncommon and completely unique to her own teaching and to her learning goals.

Note that Lara is the one focusing the learning on what she wants to learn.  She recognizes supervision as a resource and utilizes it thoroughly.

I’m glad we practiced reflective teaching.  My supervisor recorded what she saw happen in the classes she observed me teach.  Then she emailed me the notes, asking me to add my view of what happened during the class.  In addition, I also wrote about my feelings and reflected.  Later during our face-to-face meeting, we discussed the class, our notes and – the amazing thing was – the feedback mostly came from me.

My supervisor asked lots of questions which guided me to think more deeply and analytically about certain parts of the class.  I gathered new insights and action plans as a result.  She helped me pinpoint some aspects of my teacher development to work on, then directed me to helpful readings.

In the end, the internship was about developing as a teacher, not just practicing techniques learned from theory – it’s been more than that.  It’s been a completely enriching experience.


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