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SIT Presenters at TESOL

March 18, 2009

logoAbout 8% of this year’s presentations at the annual convention of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL, Inc.) have a presenter connected to SIT:  students, alumni, and faculty.

You can see who is presenting and their relationship to SIT by clicking on the images below.  Note the active, practical, and experience-based topics they are interested in. (more…)


Taheerah: Reflecting on Riyadh

March 12, 2009

Al Yamamah University

Teaching at Al-Yamamah University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, as an SIT INTERLINK Fellow since January, Taheerah Ahmad shares some of her recent thinking.  Doing so, she provides an example of developing a reflective teaching practice.

There are several illustrative aspects to her statement.

  1. She refers to the triangle of I-Thou-It, a helpful framework often invoked at SIT to differentiate teaching and learning relationships.
  2. Taheerah demonstrates each aspect of the experiential learning cycle: description, analysis, hypothesis, application.
  3. She refers to SIT faculty by their first names, a symbol of their personal and collegial importance to her, and as a reflection that all classroom participants are learners, including teachers.  (Links to their bios and blog posts are at the bottom.)
  4. MAT faculty don’t lecture about good teaching, they model it.
  5. Taheerah exhibits the joy of teaching and learning.  Her students respond in kind and take joy in learning — and in teaching Taheerah.  This is a classroom that demonstrates self-nurturing cycles of joy and learning.

Isn’t this the kind of classroom every student wants to have? (more…)

Lara: My Supervision

March 9, 2009

lara-kurthLara Kurth, a current MA in Teaching student just returned from Costa Rica, describes the way in which her internship supervision took place.  While the process of the supervision may be typical for the program, what she learned was uncommon and completely unique to her own teaching and to her learning goals.

Note that Lara is the one focusing the learning on what she wants to learn.  She recognizes supervision as a resource and utilizes it thoroughly.

I’m glad we practiced reflective teaching.  (more…)

Hyunju: My ESL Certification Portfolio

March 5, 2009

Hyunju Kang and Friend

Very close to the end of her MA in Teaching ESL in US Public Schools, Hyunju Kang takes a moment here to describe the writing of her ESL certification portfolio.  One of 12 certification students that began in September 2007, she has completed all other degree requirements.

For her teaching internship, September – November 2008, that she references below, she taught social studies, literature, and composition to English learners aged 12 and 13 at a Massachusetts public school.

While her teacher’s license transfers to nearly all US states*, it does not transfer to other countries’ school systems. On the other hand, her degree is recognized around the world and, as with other MAT students, her teaching abilities are highly valued. (more…)

The ESL Certification Portfolio

March 2, 2009
Boyce House, Winter

Boyce House, Winter

For people who wish to teach in US public schools, SIT offers the MA in Teaching English as a Second Language in US Public Schools.  This degree prepares candidates for teaching limited- and non-English-speaking students who are in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.   There are two distinct benefits of this program:  SIT’s world-renown MA in Teaching and a teacher’s license.  Vermont’s teacher’s license is recognized by most US states*; SIT’s master’s degree is recognized in all of them. (more…)