The Internationalist Portfolio of Learning

marshall-brewerHere is the first in a series of several rather personal posts that describe how SIT’s MA in Teaching concludes.  Using my own work as an example, I invite you to consider how this kind of education would benefit you.

Having completed nearly all my coursework for the MA in Teaching, I am now preparing the final document of my degree.  As in many classrooms and other degree programs, my learning is concluding with a portfolio.  Because my degree is preparing me to teach English to speakers of other languages either internationally or in the US with international populations, my portfolio takes a specific form. 

SIT’s other MA in Teaching programs conclude with different assessments of learning.

As for my own portfolio work, I am right now in the middle of it.  Preparing to write, I reviewed all of my work over the course of my degree study and experienced many emotions.  This review was thrilling, humbling, laugh-inducing, and surprising.  Through a comprehensive review that engaged my emotions, I am now better prepared for reflection.  Something I have learned in my degree is that I learn best when my emotions are fully engaged.  I am an emotive learner.

Now at the end of my study, I have been happily challenged and am elated by my learning.  I believe even more strongly in the value of an education that requires me to shape my learning around my own goals and identity while acquiring knowledge, skills, attitudes, and awareness similar to the 3,000 other MAT alumni, even those of 40 years ago.

bluemarbleeast2As a result, I am more keenly aware of my own individuality at the same time that I recognize I am part of a legacy, a continuum of faculty and alumni that extends right around the world in thousands of classrooms where millions of students and their teachers have learned about themselves and their world.

In my study, I have been able to take significant risks (if I wished) and study myself deeply.  What’s more profound and important than that?  Well, perhaps doing so in a context of service to others while working toward intercultural understanding and a world at peace.


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2 Responses to “The Internationalist Portfolio of Learning”

  1. Juan Says:

    Congratulations on your blog entry! It is very impressing to hear what writing the portfolio means to an MAT student.

  2. Bassam Kutkut Says:

    All the best Marshall

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