March 1 Priority Date

March 1 is the date noted on SIT Graduate School literature as a financial aid priority.  This is the date the SIT Financial Aid Office begins considering awards for competitively awarded scholarships.   At SIT, scholarships are awarded to some applicants who show exceptional merit or who have demonstrated what is expected to become unusually high value to other SIT students.  This can take the form of particular life experience, rare personal perspective, career and work history, and other considerations important when learning is based on experience.

To qualify for a competitively awarded scholarship, two conditions must be met.

  1. The applicant must be accepted to SIT.
  2. SIT must have received a complete financial aid application by March 1.

While other scholarships, grants, work-study, and loans will continue to be awarded throughout the spring (and summer, as funds remain available), it is the special competititive awards that the March 1 date refers to as a priority.  That is, priority for the special scholarships will be given to those applicants who meet the two criteria above.

To check the status of your finanical aid application, please visit the WebAdvisor.  This is also the place to check the status of your application for admission.

Should you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your admissions counselor at the usual address or use


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2 Responses to “March 1 Priority Date”

  1. David Afsharzadeh Says:

    I’m currently in a MA TESOL program here in California, I have thought about doing this program and was just wondering if it will be offered next semester.

    • matadmissions Says:

      Hello, David.

      The MA in Teaching begins only in September for the ESOL and ESL Certification programs and only in June for the summer low-residency program. To apply for 2010 programs, you are welcome to apply or renew your application now.

      By the way, if any of your graduate credits directly duplicate what you would be taking at SIT, up to 6 credits can be waived. If approved, this does not shorten time-to-degree or decrease cost, but it does lighten the per-semester course load, a distinct advantage.

      Marshall Brewer
      Admissions Counselor

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