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My Independent Professional Project

February 26, 2009

JE BuckinghamJE Buckingham is a student in the Summer MA in Teaching whose final Sandanona Conference presentation explored student use of the internet to incorporate culture into their language learning.  Here, she describes her final project for the degree.  Popularly known by its abbreviation, IPP, the project culminates her program and demonstrates mastery of critical dimensions of teaching.  A teacher of ESL, Spanish, and French in a California public high school, JE’s emotional attachment to her work and her vigor infuse whatever she does. (more…)


The Independent Professional Project

February 23, 2009

Boyce Administration Building, Summer

The first in a series of posts describing aspects of SIT’s Summer MA in Teaching, this first entry begins at the end of the student experience.

The Independent Professional Project is the culminating project for summer students. In addition to being a significant personal experience, it should be of interest and value to others in the profession and of publishable quality. The project requirement may be met in one of three ways: a professional paper, a materials development project, or a classroom research project. (more…)

My Internationalist Portfolio

February 19, 2009

marshall-brewerThe next in a series of personal posts on the SIT MA in Teaching’s culminating projects, this one describes the form of my Internationalist portfolio.  I am composing multiple reflective essays, a thematic essay, and submitting evidence of my learning.  (Other forms of SIT’s MA in Teaching have other forms of culminating projects.)

As noted in previous posts, mine is a competency-based education.  That is, I demonstrate competencies in these 5 areas, each intersected by 4 domains. (more…)

The Internationalist Portfolio of Learning

February 16, 2009

marshall-brewerHere is the first in a series of several rather personal posts that describe how SIT’s MA in Teaching concludes.  Using my own work as an example, I invite you to consider how this kind of education would benefit you.

Having completed nearly all my coursework for the MA in Teaching, I am now preparing the final document of my degree.  As in many classrooms and other degree programs, my learning is concluding with a portfolio.  Because my degree is preparing me to teach English to speakers of other languages either internationally or in the US with international populations, my portfolio takes a specific form.  (more…)

Application Decisions

February 12, 2009

How are decisions about applications made?  What is the process?  What is important?  How fast is the process?  What is the acceptance rate?  What are my chances? (more…)

March 1 Priority Date

February 9, 2009

March 1 is the date noted on SIT Graduate School literature as a financial aid priority.  This is the date the SIT Financial Aid Office begins considering awards for competitively awarded scholarships.   At SIT, scholarships are awarded to some applicants who show exceptional merit or who have demonstrated what is expected to become unusually high value to other SIT students.  (more…)

SIT INTERLINK Fellowship Details

February 2, 2009

SIT Graduate Institute and INTERLINK Language Centers Fellowship

SIT Graduate Institute and INTERLINK Language Centers have signed an agreement that establishes an SIT-INTERLINK Fellowship. The fellowship is for experienced ESL teachers who wish to have full employment while working toward obtaining their MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

Applications are now being accepted for this special fellowship, for which the start date is Sunday, June 21, 2009. After one summer on the SIT campus in Brattleboro, Vermont, Fellows teach English for two semesters at the Saudi INTERLINK Language Center (SILC) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with supervision by SIT.  Fellows return to Vermont the following summer for their final coursework. After completion of coursework, Fellows return to their positions at SILC for a second year of teaching and complete a final project or thesis for SIT. (more…)