Budgeting for My Internship

StephanieMaking the choice to go abroad for an unpaid internship required me to think carefully about my budget.  Can I afford to go abroad?  Where can I go?  I did not want money to determine my options, but it was a real concern for me as my husband is also currently a student.

My solution: research and plan!  At the beginning of the year, MAT’s internship director, Ayako Kobayashi, provided many site reports written by past interns at each site.  Reports include detailed information about location, housing, school, and total cost.

Costa Rica was my first choice and fortunately I was able to figure out the perfect solution.  The cost to be there, including some in-country travel, nearly equaled the amount of work-study I was awarded as part of my financial aid.  In order to go, I have been saving my earnings in a separate account for my internship.


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