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More Internship First Impressions

January 30, 2009

From around the world, interns in SIT’s MA in Teaching are noting their first impressions.  Sometimes, significant change is easy to notice:  food, climate, language.

Other times change is less easy to notice, although no less significant: (more…)


Practice Teaching Through Practice-Teaching

January 23, 2009

Each of SIT’s MA in Teaching programs place a period of supervised practice teaching at the center of the program. In more ways than one, it is the heart of the program.

MA in Teaching students are working in a wide variety of locations around the world.  Direct supervision and classroom observation are hallmarks of SIT’s practice teaching.  To see photos and hear stories, come join us on Facebook.


Initial Internship Impressions, Costa Rica

January 20, 2009

JiHye, alumnus Katsuhide Yagata, un amigo tico, Lara.

Back row from left: Geoff, Stephanie, Michael, supervisor Mary. Front row: JiHye, alumnus Katsuhide Yagata, un amigo tico, Lara.

Hello from Costa Rica!

For three weeks now the five of us have been in a village called El INVU (Instituto Nacional de Viviendas y Urbanismo) which is about two hours from the national capital, San Jose.  In the community where we are living, we have been teaching two evenings a week in addition to teaching English to Costa Rican teachers of English at a local university during the day.   (more…)

Steve Quasha Best of Gunma JALT 2009

January 18, 2009

Congratulations to SIT TESOL Certificate holder Steve Quasha (2002) for receiving a “Best of JALT 2009” award!

From the December 2009 edition of The Language Teacher (JALT, vol. 33, no. 12):

Steve Quasha, nominated by the Gunma chapter, for his presentation titled Exploring Portfolio Assessment in the EFL Classroom.  Quasha demonstrated how portfolio assessment plays an integral part in this communicate English courses at a Japanese women’s university.

2009 TESOL in Denver

January 16, 2009

logoAre you attending the 2009 TESOL convention in Denver, March 26 – 28?

Be sure to save Friday, March 27, to attend the SIT reception where you will meet current students, alumni, faculty, and other friends of SIT Graduate Institute.   To receive an invitation to the reception, please send a request to the admissions office.

Are presenting at TESOL?  There are a couple ways to inform SIT.  You can post a reply to this blog below so everyone will know.  Or, you can inform SIT directly sending email to the admissions office.

See you in Denver!

SIT Graduate Institute:

Budgeting for My Internship

January 13, 2009

StephanieMaking the choice to go abroad for an unpaid internship required me to think carefully about my budget.  Can I afford to go abroad?  Where can I go?  I did not want money to determine my options, but it was a real concern for me as my husband is also currently a student.

My solution: research and plan!  At the beginning of the year, MAT’s internship director, Ayako Kobayashi, provided many site reports written by past interns at each site.  Reports include detailed information about location, housing, school, and total cost.

Costa Rica was my first choice and fortunately I was able to figure out the perfect solution.  The cost to be there, including some in-country travel, nearly equaled the amount of work-study I was awarded as part of my financial aid.  In order to go, I have been saving my earnings in a separate account for my internship.

Wilma Luth Trains Teachers

January 11, 2009

In the December 2009 issue of The Language Teacher (Japan Association for Language Teaching, vol. 33, no. 12), Wilma Luth (SMAT 17, 1998) is cited as a highlight of the JALT Hokkaido Chapter’s programs in 2009.

Her presentation, “Good Practices That Help Students Learn and Teachers Grow,” was not only noted for its effectiveness, but also demonstrated exemplary practices in learner engagement and reflection, hallmarks of an SIT education.

Congratulations, Wilma!

Brattleboro Rates Rave Reviews

January 9, 2009

Brattleboro on the River

Brattleboro continues to attract attention as a great place to visit and to live.  Witness these articles and accolades of the recent past.  (more…)

Shakti Gattegno and the Silent Way

January 6, 2009


Shakti Gattegno with MAT Students

“Teachers so often say ‘You can do it!,’ but if students could, they would!”

–Shakti Gattegno, commenting on The Silent Way, an approach to learning.

Attending Shakti’s presentation was a highlight of my semester.  I learned a lot about this approach, about teaching and learning, and about myself.  Here are some of the most striking insights I took away from this great day and my reflections.