Graduate Students Take a Break

Beginning Monday, December 22, SIT graduate students take a break from coursework.  They’ll return home, visit each others’ homes, explore unfamiliar parts of the world, and otherwise rest from their labors.

Beginning in January, MAT students split into two groups.

Those preparing to teach in US public schools will begin a 9-week period observing teachers SIT has identified as masters of their craft.  Called a practicum, individual students are paired with individual teachers near SIT and begin learning the culture of public schools from a teaching perspective.  As practicum students, they will observe at least 60 hours.  Additionally, they take classes at SIT and complete class assignments by more closely examining their observation experience.  (Their internships begin in September.)

Meanwhile, students preparing to teach outside US K-12 public school systems begin their internships in several places.  In small groups, they will relocate to schools in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and New York, and in South Africa, Morocco, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Thailand.  As interns, they will teach at least 64 hours.  Their career aspirations include teaching in universities, private schools, and language institutes, among other options.

All MAT students are visited by SIT supervisors who work together to identify how best to deepen the student’s practice of teaching.

As these transitions occur, the SIT Admissions Office will also take a break.  From Thursday, December 24, through Friday, January 2, the office will be closed.  Watch for regular blog posts to begin again Tuesday, January 5, 2009.


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