Student Rogerio daSilva: Teaching in Brazil

Rogerio daSilva talks with admissions counselor Marshall Brewer in this series of 8 videos about his experience, his teaching, and his learning.  As is his practice now as an SIT student, he reflects…

… about his teaching experience, his classes, and his students.

“I try to give my students hope.” (#1)

… about why he applied to SIT.

“I like teaching because I like learning.” (#2).

… about learning and living in an international community.

“It’s changed my life.  I feel at home.” (#3)

… about learning to teach English.

“First, be aware.” (#4)

… about his reasons for teaching.

“You can’t become a better teacher without becoming a better person.” (#6; there is no #5)

… about working in groups.

“What am I learning from my peers?  What are my peers learning from me?” (#7)

… about the pass-fail system and how learning in one class encourages learning in another.

“I’m not doing it for a grade.  I’m doing it to learn.” (# 8.)

… about why teachers should come to SIT for their master’s degree.

“I never had so much fun in my life.  And I’m Brazilian!” (#9)

(Editor’s note:  Just listen to this one; don’t watch.  The sun came out and the camera didn’t adjust, so the visual is awful.  What he says is great.)


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