What’s My Application Status?

marshall-brewer1Have you begun an application?  Want to know what’s happening at SIT with it?  There are several ways.  Maybe you’d also like to know some of the context into which you are entering.

SIT accepts all applicants who meet the selection criteria.  Applications are not compared to one another before a decision is made.  Because SIT has no admission deadline, a decision on each application can be made shortly following its completion.  When all your materials have been received, you can expect a decision usually within one month.

Selection Criteria

These vary slightly for the three MA in Teaching programs.

For work internationally or with international populations

For work in US public schools (K-12)

For practicing teachers

Contact Options

There is more than one way to contact SIT.

1.  To check the status of your application and see if your transcripts have been received from the translator or to check that those last references have arrived, please log on to WebAdvisor. This site is a good place to visit often.  Besides finding your application’s status, you can check your financial aid application status.  If accepted, you will also be able to check your grades, see your course schedule, and receive your bill.  If you have trouble logging in after you have applied, please send a note to the admissions office (see #2).

2.  You can send email to admissions@sit.edu.  An admissions counselor or advisor will be able to guide you (or reset your WebAdvisor password).  The nature of your question does not influence the outcome of the decision on your application.  What would you like to know?

3.  You can telephone the Admissions office.  Between 9:00AM and 5:00PM, Eastern Standard Time (UTC -5), use the toll-free number 800-336-1616 from US phones.  To reach the Admissions office directly, call +1 802-258-3510.

4. Send a fax to +1 802-258-3500.

Apply Online

If you haven’t applied yet, you can submit an application online.  Save your work as you go.  You can log out and log in again as many times as you wish while you prepare the various parts.  However, please be aware that in order for your application to be submitted, you must go all the way to the final page and click Pay Now or Pay Later.  This is a reference to the $50 application fee.  You can send a personal check or money order to SIT by mail or use your credit card online.  Until this step is completed, SIT has not received your materials and does not consider you to have applied.


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