SIT TESOL Certificate & MAT

100_0188Roger Ramirez, a teacher in Costa Rica, holds the SIT TESOL Certificate.  Here, he traces the connections he’s making as a student in the MA in Teaching degree with his certificate learning.  He invites your comment below.

I finished my SIT TESOL certificate course over a year ago. This month experience provided me with fundamental and innovative ways of approaching many teaching areas as well as learning how to deeply reflect upon my teaching practice. I also became more aware of the importance of addressing students’ needs and how to deal with it. Taking this course very much prepared me to be successful at SIT’s Masters program. I am currently enrolled in SIT’s Summer MAT program. This education has guided me deeper into understanding teaching approaches, theories, the language itself, reflection, student empathy, experiential learning, lesson planning, methodologies, assessment and evaluation, culture, and most importantly defining how I am as a teacher. I have been exposed to experienced and knowledgeable teachers that have inspired me in ways that have simply changed my take on the art of teaching.

I decided to choose SIT’s MAT program over other many options that I had when I realized that two of the total of three teachers I admire the most were graduates from SIT. I had always wanted to be a teacher of great conviction in terms of my teaching beliefs and my persona as a teacher. These two admirable SIT graduates have always inspired me so much because they know exactly who they are and where they stand as English teachers. Both of these exceptional models of mine have always attributed their shaping as teachers to their experience over the years and to their time spent at SIT. As a SMAT student, I now understand what they mean and why they feel so about SIT.

SIT has given me the tools through a variety of reflection processes to find myself as a teacher. This is, based on my own experiences and on teaching theory learned at SIT. I have been able to find what I believe in the words and theories of specialists from the field of ESL. But, what do I like most about the masters program? Most definitely that SIT has broadened my vision of teaching and even of life in general. Even though I have been teaching for a number of years and I work currently as a teacher trainer, I am now fully starting to understand who I am as a teacher and finally learning in depth about all those teaching components that I already thought I knew everything about. I also feel that the quality of teachers that come to the program and the experience that we all bring in is an immeasurable source of learning.

I affirm that my current experience with SIT’s masters program has changed my vision of life because being part of this family has expanded my opportunities to work and grow as a teacher all over the world. Once I finish my MAT education, my intentions are to go and teach in as many different countries and contexts as possible to enlarge my teaching experience and exposure. As well as, start SIT’s teacher training program to work intensively on my trainer skills and hopefully continue my work as a trainer somewhere in the world. Prior my SIT experiences, I was not convinced I could teach or train somewhere else in the world. How exciting!! I know this letter might sound a bit too emotional or exaggerated, but believe me every word is true and worth writing down in paper. If you are reading this and have questions or doubts, you are welcome to post a comment below.


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2 Responses to “SIT TESOL Certificate & MAT”

  1. Gary Purtee Says:

    Hi Roger,

    Thank you for your inspiring and helpful posting. I appreciate your enthusiasm and excitement and am personally grateful you took the time to write your thoughts and feelings down. I am at a place personally where I am considering taking the SIT TESOL Certificate Course; and, depending on how that goes, perhaps completing the MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

    So ending where I began, I really appreciate your posting and how you integrated your post experience in your SIT TESOL Certificate Course with your current experience in your SIT MAT program. I am also excited to hear how your life has been impacted by your professors, courses, and the learning community at SIT. You have really encouraged me to press on to complete my applications and get the process started.

    Thanks & blessings,

  2. Roger Ramirez Says:

    Hi Gary!

    Thanks for replying.

    To be honest, the entire SIT world and its people have created a before and an after in my life. Before SIT (certificate and MA), my world seemed so small and limited. I was happy and growing professionally, but I was reaching a moment in which I had created a safe and unchallenging comfort zone for myself. I wasn’t aware of this fact until I was into my second week of the certificate course. I took this course in the Costa Rica site with Mary Scholl. Having Mary as a trainer, as my current practicum supervisor, and as an inspiring role model is one of the best things that I have gotten from SIT. Mary and SIT in general have introduced me into a whole new dimension of teaching and teacher training and giving and receiving feedback among many other things.If you are considering taking the SIT TESOL certificate course, please listen to me and take it with Mary. You can’t go wrong!!! Being part of SIT, so many new projects, goals, inspiring challenges, and interests suddenly form part of my career and life again. I am incredibly humbled and appreciative with so many people from the SIT world. Professors are really knowledgeable and great sources of inspiration. Just to name a few: Mary Scholl, Pat Moran, Beth Neher, and Anne Katz. As for the courses, I actually wish some could just go on forever. Fortunately, I have great classmates as part of our SMAT27 group and I have learned so much from all of them. A great group of peers just maximizes all the learning to a whole new level!!!

    Any other questions???



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