Alumni Present in Japan


At the annual conference of the Japan Association for Language Teaching in Tokyo, October 31 – November 3, twenty-seven presentations were by SIT alumni.  A sizable percentage of all presenters, alums’ presentations tend to reflect their SIT values, worldviews, and professional practices.  Given the chance, which sessions would you like to attend?

Implementing Group Work in the High School Classroom, Marimi Asada

Teaching Speaking in Japan: Practitioner Insights, Amanda Bradley (panelist)

Scaffolding: Looking Through Learners’ Eyes, Amanda Bradley (panelist)

Pronunciation Incorporated, Donald Cherry

Extending High School Communicatively, Peter J. Collins (co-presenter)

Launching a Writing Center in Japan: A Case Study, Steve Cornwell (co-presenter)

Using Tasks in teh Language Classroom, Brad Curabba (co-presenter)

Part-timers Developing Their Coordinators Brad Deacon (co-presenter)

Creating Writing Communities Online, Cynthia Edwards (co-presenter)

Developing Intercultural Competence: Reexamining the Goal and Role of Language Education, Alvino Fantini

Intercultural Marriages: Challenges and Rewards, Alvino Fantini

Development, Use, and Effects of Bilingualism, Alvino Fantini

Movement, Meaning, and Motivation, Mitchell Goodman

Can Portable Applications Mean English Anywhere?, Myles Grogan

The Interweaving of JACET and JALT, John Gunning and Steve Quasha (panelists)

The Culture Box Exchange Project, Andy Hockersmith

Exploring Identity in the EFL Classroom, Charles Kowalski

Learning Communities and Learners as Experts, Barry Mateer

Formulating Shared Understanding by Turn Taking, Ian Nakamura

Discourse Completion Tests: Format vs. Output, Tim Newfields

JALT Chapter Presidents Meeting, Steve Quasha (facilitator)

Using Process Writing to Nurture Successful Writers, Dorothy Zemach

Engaging Low-level Writers, Dorothy Zemach

Published Materials: Accounts from the Successful, Dorothy Zemach (panelist)

Hasn’t That Book Already Been Written?, Dorothy Zemach

Getting Students Ready for Business, (co-presenter), Dorothy Zemach


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