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What’s My Application Status?

November 28, 2008

marshall-brewer1Have you begun an application?  Want to know what’s happening at SIT with it?  There are several ways.  Maybe you’d also like to know some of the context into which you are entering.

SIT accepts all applicants who meet the selection criteria.  Applications are not compared to one another before a decision is made.  Because SIT has no admission deadline, a decision on each application can be made shortly following its completion.  When all your materials have been received, you can expect a decision usually within one month. (more…)


Our 40th Year

November 25, 2008

The fortieth year of SIT’s MA in Teaching began in September. A statistical profile follows. As you consider the numbers, you might also ask yourself some questions.

  • What personal experiences are these people likely to have had?
  • What beliefs and values are these people likely to have developed?
  • How am I similar to these people?
  • How would I feel in a graduate course with them?
  • Do I know any of them?

Citizenship (alpha order): Brazil, China (7%), Indonesia, Jamaica (5%), Malaysia, Panama, South Africa (5%), South Korea (12%), United States (57%), Uzbekistan


Trustee Emerita Wangari Maathai: We Have Overcome

November 21, 2008


Wangari Maathai, trustee emerita of World Learning, comments on the US election in the Guardian (November 6, 2008).

The US has truly overcome. And the world is joining in

This moment of pure greatness will prove an inspiration not just for Africa’s young people, but for our leaders too

This morning I am going to Uhuru Park in Nairobi to plant a tree. A plaque on it will read: “This was planted to mark the moment Barack Obama was elected president of the United States of America.” (more…)

SIT TESOL Certificate & MAT

November 18, 2008

100_0188Roger Ramirez, a teacher in Costa Rica, holds the SIT TESOL Certificate.  Here, he traces the connections he’s making as a student in the MA in Teaching degree with his certificate learning.  He invites your comment below.

I finished my SIT TESOL certificate course over a year ago. This month experience provided me with fundamental and innovative ways of approaching many teaching areas as well as learning how to deeply reflect upon my teaching practice. (more…)

Fellowship Applications Now Being Accepted

November 14, 2008

Main entrance of Al-Yamamah University

SIT Graduate Institute and INTERLINK Language Centers are now accepting applications from candidates for two-year teaching fellowships to begin June 21, 2009.

All qualified candidates will receive the Fellowship.


Alumni Present in Japan

November 11, 2008


At the annual conference of the Japan Association for Language Teaching in Tokyo, October 31 – November 3, twenty-seven presentations were by SIT alumni.  A sizable percentage of all presenters, alums’ presentations tend to reflect their SIT values, worldviews, and professional practices.  Given the chance, which sessions would you like to attend? (more…)

Faculty Susan Barduhn: Why Teachers Teach

November 7, 2008

Susan BarduhnGiving a presentation at the 2008 conference of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language of which she is a past president, Susan talks about why people become teachers, why they stay (or don’t), and how they grow professionally.

Her talk is available as a video — with slides! — on the IATEFL webpage here until March 2009.

Is what she says consistent with your experience?

Susan’s bio is here.  Her previous blog post, a great story, is here.

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Share Experience

November 4, 2008

Every year the MAT students come with experience teaching in all types of contexts, both in the U.S. and abroad. The variety in experience makes for a rich, diverse learning environment where everyone in the classroom is a teacher and a learner.

In the following interview, two students reflect on their previous teaching experience in the Peace Corps. (more…)