Master’s International Program with US Peace Corps

The Best of Two Worlds

From the Master’s International Coordinator at SIT Graduate Institute, Eden Sell.

Master’s International

For people considering graduate studies at SIT, there is a pull to make a difference, get involved and challenge themselves. Many of those same people have also considered serving as a volunteer in the US Peace Corps. Luckily, there is an option that makes pursuing both goals a very viable possibility: Peace Corps’ Master’s International Program.

The Master’s International (MI) Program was designed specifically to provide interested countries with trained professionals to help those countries or areas reach their goals. Because SIT focuses on experiential learning and field study, the MI program offers the perfect opportunity for international experience in a graduate’s chosen field. Participants must be accepted to both SIT and Peace Corps independently and, while completing coursework in any of SIT’s degree areas, MI students go through the Peace Corps placement process, working with their recruiter to find the most appropriate site where the volunteer, the host country and Peace Corps all benefit. Service in the Peace Corps fulfills the Reflective Practice Phase of the degree program, and MI students generally begin the research to complete the Portfolio and Capstone Paper required to graduate from SIT.

Profiles of former SIT students who participated in Masters International and/or Peace Corps are interesting to read.

As a former Peace Corps volunteer, I can vouch for the incredible experience it gave me, both professionally and personally. I completed my Peace Corps service before I attended SIT, which gave me practical scenarios during my studies, but had I volunteered through the MI program, I believe my Peace Corps experience would have been that much richer for it. Whichever route you might choose, know that SIT and Peace Corps make a great combination!

Eden Sell

Master’s International Coordinator


More information on the Master’s International Program

If you’re finding it hard to choose between graduate school and Peace Corps, the Master’s International Program allows you to do both. Through a partnership with the SIT Graduate Institute which offers master’s degrees in Sustainable Development, Conflict Transformation, Management, Social Justice in Intercultural Relations, International Education, and Teaching (English to Speakers of Other Languages, Spanish and French), you can become a Peace Corps Volunteer as partial fulfillment of your graduate degree.

Masters International assignments are offered in areas where there are shortages of skilled people to serve as Peace Corps Volunteers. Thus, you will be assured that your Peace Corps assignment will make good use of your academic preparation. You will also have the confidence of knowing that your graduate studies bring you added respect and credibility in your country of service.

As a Masters Internationalist at SIT, you will:

  • Receive MAT portfolio tuition reimbursement during your Peace Corps service
  • Complete all or most of your on-campus studies prior to entering the Peace Corps
  • Receive unparalleled practical experience from Peace Corps service, including three months of language, technical and cross-cultural training, and two years of professional experience in an assignment related to your graduate studies

How does it work?

You must apply to both the Peace Corps and SIT. For Peace Corps, this should take place at least six months prior to the beginning of the academic year (SIT has a rolling admission policy). SIT and the Peace Corps will consider your applications separately. Once you are accepted by both SIT and Peace Corps, you will need to let the Peace Corps know the approximate date you would like to begin your service. You will be notified of your specific Peace Corps assignment approximately five months before that date.

Minimum Qualifications:

Please consult SIT admissions criteria online or telephone Admissions at 1-800-336-1616.

Talk with your local Peace Corps recruiter regarding specific qualifications for Peace Corps service, 1-800-424-8580.


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