Conference: Learning and Teaching Language

To conclude each MA in Teaching (ESOL, ESL, Spanish, French), students convene a conference for language teachers. In May, students presented their workshops, papers, and demonstrations as well as served on committees for the program, plenaries, keynote speakers, registration, technical support, and social events.  A list of the presentations and presenters follows.

Wow! That’s Wonderful Feedback!

Demonstration/Workshop. Intan Meutia

Culture Bumps in the Workplace: A Business English Perspective.

Demonstration/Workshop. Eileen Kramer

Word Choice for Nonnative Speakers: Intuition or Education.

Paper/Demonstration. Heesoo Park

Activities to Cultivate Positive Affect in the Classroom.

Demonstration. Heath Eriksen

How to Be an Effective Teacher.

Paper, Demonstration, Workshop. Mohamed Eltawila

Music as an Effective Tool in the ESL/EFL Classroom.

Demonstration. Mary Quirk

Exploring Codes for Social Justice Through Music.

Demonstration, workshop. Brendan Ries

Role Play – Bring the Real World into the Classroom.

Demonstration, workshop. An Na Lee

Embracing the “Mess” of World Englishes.

Demonstration, workshop. Tim Doyle

The Refugee Resettlement Process.

Paper. Lora Travers Moncure

Project-Based English Courses for Academic and Professional Purposes.

Demonstration, workshop. JiEun Shin

Bringing Art into the ESL Classroom.

Demonstration, workshop. Heidi Pancake

SIT: Devil’s Advocate.

Paper, demonstration. Christopher McDonnell

Seeking Social Change through Critical Pedagogies.

Demonstration, workshop. Katie Henderson

How to Maintain Students’ Cultural Identity.

Paper. Katsuhide Yagata

Konglish, Chinglish, and Japanglish: The Birth of New Words.

Demonstration, workshop. HyeKyoung Park

Sustained Silent Reading: Fostering a Love of Literature.

Paper, Demonstration. Bridget Schulz

Peace Education in the ESOL Classroom.

Workshop. Lucas Kovacevich & Kelly Underwood Rozmus

Beyond Internships – Service Learning.

Demonstration, workshop. Melissa Bodola & Anna Patkus

Language & Culture: An Occasionally Tragic Yet Heartwarming Expression of Love.

Demonstration, workshop. Zoe Colby & Perveen Hadi

Meeting the Challenges of Individual Participation Styles in the Classroom.

Paper. Brady Weinstock

“Everybody Wins” with Mentoring! Let’s Examine Some Models.

Paper. Lucinda Megill

Silence is Golden: Exploring the Silent Way.

Workshop. Hitomi Tsumura

Teaching Diverse Cultures in Korean Classrooms.

Paper, workshop. Jeong-Sook Kang

Action Research: Seeking Change in the Classroom.

Paper, workshop. Monica Flores Rojas

The Benefits of Bringing Movies into a Classroom.

Workshop. Dedi Turmudi

Using Authentic Videos in the Classroom.

Demonstration, workshop. Regina Brown

English for Farms, Hills, and Rivers.

Demonstration, workshop. Ari Sukmana

Start to Write Right.

Demonstration, workshop. Genalyn L. Luces

Participatory Approach with Beginners in an EFL Context: Focus on Speaking.

Paper, workshop. Yun-Young Cho

Teaching for Democracy in the English Language Classroom.

Paper, workshop. Angela Atwell

The Importance of Clarity When Giving Instructions.

Demonstration, workshop. Sarah Robinson

The Journey to Enjoyable Writing.

Demonstration, workshop. Hyunju Kang

Cooperative Learning for Language Teaching.

Paper, demonstration. George Bishop, Jr.

Teaching Grammar in the Silent Way.

Demonstration. Young-Shil Ahn

Student-Centered Activities for the EFL/ESL Classroom.

Workshop. Juan M. Rostran

Social Skills for Cooperative Learning in the Language Classroom.

Paper, workshop. Xiujun Liu

Beyond Charades: Using Theatre to Teach ESL.

Demonstration, workshop. Kristin Armstrong

Remember, They Are Wearing Different Shoes.

Demonstration, workshop. Hui Song

Sustainable Teaching: Techniques for Supporting Large Multilingual Classes.

Demonstration, workshop. Afida Safriani

Classroom Management for Demotivated Students.

Demonstration, workshop. Jinyoung Jung

For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn.

Workshop. Warren Merkel

Dear Diary: What’s the Write Way to Connect with Our Students?

Workshop. Maggie Majors

Hey, What’s Yo’ Style?

Demonstration, workshop. Liz Browning

Teaching and Learning Under Dictatorship and War: A Student in Iraq from 1984 to 2003.

Demonstration. Revan Hedo


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3 Responses to “Conference: Learning and Teaching Language”

  1. eccy-rossi Says:

    Alhamdullillah slamat ya kak ary……… ari sukamana, M.AT dong sekarang…….

    smoga selalu disayang ALLAH ya……………………

  2. Ari Sukmana Says:

    The meaning: Congratulation my brother Ari… are a MAT now
    May God always loves you…

  3. Ari Sukmana Says:

    SIT’s MAT is the my spirit and soul in teaching. I will recommend it’s programs to the language teachers in Indonesia and the language teachers all over the world.

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