2008 Photo Contest Winners

With pride and pleasure, winners of the 2008 MAT Photo Contest are announced!


Honorable Mention

Brendan Ries: internship in South Africa


Heesoo Park: SIT campus, Vermont


Heesoo Park: SIT campus, Vermont


Intan Meutia: internship in Rhode Island


Lucas Kovacevich: internship in Mexico


Jinyoung Jung: internship in Poland


Katie Henderson: internship in Morocco


Third Place

Mohamed Eltawila: internship in New Hampshire


Second Place

Jeong-Sook Kang: internship in New Hampshire

(Photo withheld for privacy reasons, but it’s a great photo!)


First Place

Marti Anderson: Supervision in Thailand


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2 Responses to “2008 Photo Contest Winners”

  1. rogerio silvestre da Silva Says:

    wow, I loved the pictures!

  2. matadmissions Says:

    Aren’t they great? They are accurate depictions of the values in SIT classrooms as well as in the classrooms of alumni. They are interactive, experience-based, intercultural, and all over the world.

    Note that half of the current year’s students speak English as a second language themselves. In the photos above, you’ll see Indonesians teaching English in Thailand (first place) and Rhode Island (honorable mention) and a Korean teaching English in Poland (honorable mention).

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