How and Why

How SIT Trains Teachers and Why

The mission of SIT is to prepare its students to be interculturally effective leaders, professionals, and citizens. In so doing, SIT fosters a worldwide network of individuals and organizations committed to responsible global citizenship. The goal of SIT’s MA in Teaching is to help language teachers become more competent and effective both in their classrooms and as members of the profession.

An alumnus teaches English to his students in Haiti. When older, his students will be enabled to speak of sensitive issues with their island neighbors in the Dominican Republic. By using English, a medium that does not disadvantage or favor the French speakers on one side with the Spanish speakers on the other, their discussion can progress in equivalent ways. Together, residents of both countries can address their significant problems of common concern, such as their economies, the environment, AIDS, water quality, and tourism.

Vision and View

The teaching programs’ content, format, and process all reflect a vision of teachers’ roles in the lives of their students and why language learning is essential for intercultural understanding. SIT views language teachers as thoughtful and informed practitioners who are grounded in the prevailing theories in the field, as well as the realities of their teaching contexts and the diverse needs and experiences of their students.

The view from campus is southward, a rare geographic phenomenon in a place were mountains face east and west. Another view, the view from within, is colored by how we think of ourselves. By including the teacher in a study of teaching, faculty provide a framework for the classroom practitioner to re-examine, re-define, and re-create the basis of teaching. What results is a clearer view of the world as well as self, an unusual phenomenon in the world of teacher training.


SIT’s teacher education leads its students further into the field of language teaching by helping them master the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and awareness they need to succeed. By situating this practical education in a global context while drawing directly from the experiences of learners, students’ teaching becomes more dimensional, more profound, and more effective.

Boyce Administration Building on the SIT campus is a center of activity and is often the first stop for many visitors. The building is a local icon as well as a beautiful and fond memory for many alumni teaching around the world. While it is only a building, it represents to many alumni the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and awareness they acquired as students and practice as teachers.


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