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Competency 2: Learners and Learning

May 31, 2008

Teachers are curious about people and how they learn. In this second of of 5 posts, teacher learning as practiced at SIT outlines the teacher’s influence on learning and learners. Demonstration of these competencies takes place throughout the course of the degree study.



Student Heesoo Park: Teaching and Learning Peace

May 28, 2008

Heesoo Park taught English for 10 years to Korean undergraduate and graduate students. Embracing the safety of her SIT classrooms, she transferred it to a teaching practice in Thailand for her internship. As exceptionally good teachers do, she discovered parts of herself in the process of teaching, parts that exist in all of us and ones that need expression. She sees the world differently now.

It was a huge shock to teach on the Thai-Burma border, because I had never been involved in teaching situations that were politically and economically vulnerable. (more…)

Competency 1: Language and Culture

May 26, 2008

Teachers are interested in language and culture.

In this first in an occasional series of 5 posts, teacher learning as practiced at SIT is outlined regarding language and culture. The optimally effective teacher understands their own awareness, attitudes, knowledge, and skills. Here is how that is expressed in the MA in Teaching (ESOL, Spanish, French). (more…)

SIT INTERLINK Fellowship Announced

May 22, 2008

This post has two parts. The first part describes this new fellowship: a paid INTERLINK teaching position and the SIT MA in Teaching. The second part guides your next steps should you qualify. (more…)

2008 Photo Contest Winners

May 19, 2008

With pride and pleasure, winners of the 2008 MAT Photo Contest are announced!


How and Why

May 17, 2008

How SIT Trains Teachers and Why

The mission of SIT is to prepare its students to be interculturally effective leaders, professionals, and citizens. In so doing, SIT fosters a worldwide network of individuals and organizations committed to responsible global citizenship. The goal of SIT’s MA in Teaching is to help language teachers become more competent and effective both in their classrooms and as members of the profession.


Student Lucas Kovacevich: Internship Notes

May 11, 2008

For his internship, Lucas Kovacevich taught in Pachuca, Mexico, for two months. He taught three classes at a private school that chose him to teach English to students of every level and age. These journal entries from his Conversation Class demonstrate his reflective practice, his growing confidence, and his students’ success. (more…)

Virtual Open House May 7!

May 7, 2008

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