Quick Facts, Global Acts

A Global ViewRandom statistics about SIT Graduate Institute’s MA in Teaching and its alumni can prove enlightening. Note that each number below represents people’s lives. Enhancing the lives of others is a teacher’s work. To enable the understanding of others as well as to enable self-expression across culture is the work of the language teacher. To situate that learning in a global context is what alumni of this MA in Teaching can do.

1. Number of Nobel Peace Prizes awarded to alumni

3. Percentage of all attenders of the 2008 TESOL convention in New York City who are SIT alumni

5. Percentage of all sessions at the 2008 TESOL convention in New York City led by alumni (75 of 1,500)

6. Number of alumni currently holding senior leadership positions in their professional associations*

12. Number of countries in which all current students have conducted their practice teaching (Costa Rica, India, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Poland, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, United States) [includes summer and academic year students]

19. Percentage of current students preparing to serve taxpayer-supported language learners in US public schools

19.5. Average teaching tenure of graduates after completing course work, in years

25. Percentage of alumni attending the 2008 TESOL convention in New York City who presented a session (75 of 300)

33. Median age of students in the 2007-08 academic year MAT program

50. Percentage of all current students holding US passports (other countries of issue: Bolivia, Canada, China, Colombia, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Philippines, Romania, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey) [includes summer and academic year students]

68. Number of MA programs run by SIT in the teaching of language (39 academic year + 26 summer + 3 in Japan)

83. Graduates awarded the MAT during the most recently completed academic year, 2006-07

98. Percentage of MAT alumni satisfied with their education [2006]

100. Percentage of current summer MAT students who are employed as teachers

650. Estimated number of language learners taught by MAT students on their practicums and internships during the 2007-08 academic year

1969. The first year SIT offered its MA in Teaching

3,000. Approximate number of MAT alumni

600,000. Estimated number of students taught by alumni in one year

2,000,000,000. Estimated number of English users in the world in 2010 [Graddol, 2006]


* Alumni hold leadership positions (director, trustee, president, vice-president, conference chair) in TESOL (3), the Japan Association of Language Teachers, TESOL Arabia, Northern New England TESOL. (Perhaps there are others I need to know about!)


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