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Student Sarah Robinson: What I’m Learning

April 30, 2008

Sarah Robinson, a 2007-08 student, is preparing to teach English with international professionals. As she nears the end of her course work, she is realizing the value of her own education and reflects on its emerging outcomes.

When I decided to come to SIT, I did so based on the desire to be a part of an educational community that would provide me with more than just a degree. I saw something unique about this mysterious place called SIT. (more…)


Quick Facts, Global Acts

April 28, 2008

A Global ViewRandom statistics about SIT Graduate Institute’s MA in Teaching and its alumni can prove enlightening. Note that each number below represents people’s lives. Enhancing the lives of others is a teacher’s work. To enable the understanding of others as well as to enable self-expression across culture is the work of the language teacher. To situate that learning in a global context is what alumni of this MA in Teaching can do. (more…)

Alumna Janis Birdsall: Impact of Faculty Voices

April 22, 2008

Janis BirdsallJanis Birdsall reflects on teaching, learning, and the role of SIT faculty in helping teachers’ voices be heard, even in her own school district. A student in 1991, she also taught MAT students for many years and continues to supervise them.

The faculty is SIT’s single most valuable asset. (more…)

What Distinguishes SIT’s MAT?

April 20, 2008

A View from SITHow is SIT Graduate Institute’s MA in Teaching different from the 500+ other language teacher education programs in the world?

Several distinctions are noted below. Each distinction is related to the integrity of the learner, of the teacher, and of the subject being taught. Throughout SIT’s teacher training, each of these are situated in their global context. This education invites the teacher to look inward as well as outward.