Employer: INTERLINK Language Centers

Ahad ShahbazAhad Shahbaz, president of INTERLINK Language Centers, notes why he prefers to hire SIT-trained English teachers. A leader in language education, he was president of Carolina TESOL, is president of the American Consortium of Universities, and has been a multi-year presenter for NAFSA: Association of International Educators on topics related to training, leadership, and management.

INTERLINK believes SIT provides what no other MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages does. We believe that SIT is quite unique in the training it delivers and is quite distinct from more “academically oriented” programs which focus on discrete courses designed to deliver discrete pieces of information. SIT’s focus on the whole person and empowering students to develop into the best possible English teachers they can be is what distinguishes it from the competition.

All MAT programs provide students with information about second language acquisition theory and teaching methodologies as well as a host of other linguistic issues. What distinguishes SIT’s MA in Teaching is its emphasis on exploring assumptions about language, learning and teaching, and empowering prospective teachers to develop their own unique teaching styles.

At INTERLINK, the teacher is viewed as a learning facilitator rather than a dispenser of information and the SIT approach to training establishes an ideal foundation for the kind of creative, community-building activities that we hope our teachers can provide. Language training at INTERLINK is student-centered, experiential, heuristic, and humanistically oriented. Since SIT does not just teach about these values but demonstrates them in the training process, teachers who have studied at SIT are generally more comfortable and better prepared to work with our innovative curriculum than graduates of other programs.

We definitely prefer SIT alumni to any other job applicants. Our senior directors are SIT grads, and a lot of our good teachers have been SIT-trained, so naturally we want to invite SIT alumni to apply. INTERLINK provides a fulfilling environment for creative, enthusiastic teachers who are eager to continue growing professionally and who care deeply about their students, the learning process, and the cultural aspects of language and language learning.

Finally, at this time when the rush to standardized testing and all that it entails for educational programs from kindergarten through graduate school is undermining the very soul of education, the need for what SIT does so well has never been more critical.


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2 Responses to “Employer: INTERLINK Language Centers”

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  2. karen blanchard Says:

    Not surprising to me, but gratifying to see this recognition. Our MAT program has been acknowledged as an excellent program, out-excelling our competition for years! Good to see the current comments!

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