Branches of the Oak

Of course, the big news around here today is the new snow, the first real storm of the season arriving yesterday.

International Center, December Sunset

Today’s sunset, nearing its most southerly with two weeks before the winter solstice, was behind the SIT’s International Center.


Tennis, basketball, and skating all happen — in season! — in this secluded area in the middle of campus.


Boyce House

Boyce House is the international headquarters of World Learning, the non-governmental organization that includes the SIT graduate school.


Front Lawn Trees

These ancient trees shade graduates and their guests in June. In December, they hold snow and frame the magnificent view south.



Town Bus

The town of Brattleboro bus stops at SIT many times every day. The view south overlooks the town, Connecticut River Valley, and hills of Massachusetts and New Hampshire.


Roof of Rotch Learning Center

Named for William Rotch (rhymes with “coach”), a longtime member of the World Learning Board of Trustees, this building houses classrooms, library, and offices.



A Row of Maples

Maple trees along the top of a ridge overlook the International Center.



Faculty Offices

Faculty provide light and reflect it all year round, not just on a winter evening.


Evidence of Fun

Evidence of weekend fun remains on Tuesday.


Snowy Juniper

SIT under a blanket of snow is really beautiful, isn’t it? Even this juniper shows itself well in snow.

Fun fact: did you know Brattleboro is home to the US National Ski-Jumping Competition?


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One Response to “Snow!”

  1. rogerio Says:

    what beautiful photos!!!! I know how tough it is to live in the winter. I suffered, but at the same time, I had so much fun. I am looking forward to being there in the next winter.

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