Student Juan M. Rostrán: Thoughts on My SIT Adventure

Juan RostranJuan is a Fulbright scholar. Over the past nine years, he has taught English in various language institutes and a high school. He likes teaching grammar and working with adult learners. His professional goals include training English teachers in Nicaragua.

Four months ago, I crossed the border of my beloved Nicaragua to initiate the most important learning experience of my life. My goal was to further pursue my education in a quality MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, one that would combine theory and practice. I arrived at SIT with the hope that I would be part of an engaging learning venture. Indeed, besides beginning a graduate program that matches my educational goals, I am now immersed in an amazing multicultural community. I am not only strengthening my teaching skills, but also developing intercultural understanding. Its focus on experiential learning makes it rare. Learning through experience in a multicultural community makes SIT’s MA in Teaching unique.

It is really gratifying to be part of a learning community that highly values who I am and what I bring with me to the classroom, both as a teacher and as an individual. My identity as a teacher and individual are two elements of significance in my education at SIT. I am glad that my professors recognize the importance of my previous learning and teaching experiences and help me draw connections to my present learning. I always feel I have an opportunity to get involved and voice my thoughts in class or out of class.

Another special feature of SIT’s MA in Teaching is the way it bridges theory and practice. The reflect-practice-reflect aspects of the program give me the opportunity to articulate and analyze my beliefs of teaching and learning. Beginning in January, I will concretize those beliefs during the internship and then reflect upon them during the second term. Additionally, being in a classroom with colleagues from all around the world enriches the intercultural adventure. Every day interactions with my classmates provide opportunities for expanding my own intercultural competence, tolerance, and respect. In fact, I am becoming more aware of cultural differences, and I am willing to incorporate this awareness in my future teaching.

I am absolutely enjoying the MA in Teaching at SIT. The holistic approach the program follows is exceptional. To me, this has not only been a journey of professional growth but also an opportunity to grow personally. I am learning a lot about teaching as I learn about myself and others. Beyond doubt, I will have a lot to share with my colleagues when I go back to Nicaragua.

Juan Rostran, SIT Library, and Boyce Administration Building

Juan with library/classroom and administration buildings.


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6 Responses to “Student Juan M. Rostrán: Thoughts on My SIT Adventure”

  1. alejandra guzman Says:

    Hi there my dearest friend! I was finally able to read your post! I am so proud and excited about this new adventure of yours. I am also sure you will have much more to share with us, other teachers of English in our beautiful Nicaragua.

    I can only wish you the best for the rest of this amazing trip.

    My warmest hug to you!

  2. Mokhtar Says:

    Great post Juan,
    i always thought that reflection-Practice is important in piecing together the bits of knowledge we always learn.However, i am convinced more than ever that learning about one selef is just the beginning of a greater plural knowledge that goes beyond the self/self to the self/group.
    SIT-MAT forms groups of people that go out with feelings of plurality in thinking and hopefully changing– undoing the knots other systems are creating constantly.
    i do not want to learn just about myself at SIT, i can do that in the most isolated structures. SIT can give a little more than just that.

  3. Franklin Tellez Says:

    hi Juan,
    This is Franklin from Nicaragua. I know and the students know that you are a great teacher.

  4. Felissia Cabrera Says:

    Dear teach. Juan,
    Your dearest student miss u very much(me), but i see that u are doing well and im happy to know that! I hope you have more of his happiness in the futre.

  5. Elizabeth Valverde Says:

    Congratulations because you are achieving your purpose and more
    thank you for always being yourself
    Love from Nicaragua
    I am sure, your dreams come true

  6. Heydi Says:


    The family fashion¨pasantia¨ are missing you.
    Bless you and congratulations
    Carpe Diem

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