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Analyzing Language

November 26, 2007

Language Analysis for Lesson Planning, a class taught in the target language (in my case English), prepares teachers who can analyze the language’s basic concepts and patterns. In a classroom, this enables the teacher to explore rich, deep, and meaningful possibilities for student learning. (more…)


Student Juan M. Rostrán: Thoughts on My SIT Adventure

November 22, 2007

Juan RostranJuan is a Fulbright scholar. Over the past nine years, he has taught English in various language institutes and a high school. He likes teaching grammar and working with adult learners. His professional goals include training English teachers in Nicaragua.

Four months ago, I crossed the border of my beloved Nicaragua to initiate the most important learning experience of my life. My goal was to further pursue my education in a quality MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, one that would combine theory and practice. I arrived at SIT with the hope that I would be part of an engaging learning venture. (more…)

Student Warren Merkel: A Day in My Life

November 15, 2007

Warren MerkelWarren spent the past 6 years working for a translation company in New York City, and prior to that spent 3 years on the JET Programme in Osaka, Japan. He loves travelling (36 countries thus far), talking about music, sports, the outdoors, and, of course, teaching.

At this moment across the world, there are without a doubt thousands of Master’s of Arts in Teaching graduate students who are lucky enough to realize that they and the educational institution and program they have chosen are a perfect fit. I am one of them. (more…)

Alumna Leslie Ziani in India

November 13, 2007

Leslie Ziani

Leslie Ziani (MAT 36) answers a few questions about her SIT experience and her work after SIT.

I am currently working as a North American language and culture training consultant for Spectrum Consultants in Bangalore India. I work with computer engineers that do technical support on the phone with North American customers. I assess their language and customer service skills and then work with them to improve in various areas. (more…)

Supervision, a Faculty Perspective

November 6, 2007

Alex Silverman

Alex Silverman has been an MAT faculty member since 1975. For a number of years he also directed the program. Alex’s teaching background includes work as a public school teacher in New York City schools (intermediate and high school) as well as stints teaching English in France and Martinique.

His special interests include Sociolinguistics, Group Dynamics in the Classroom, Methodology, French Culture and Language, all areas he teaches in the summer and Academic Year programs. Known to be sly-humored, he states seriously, “I’ve stayed at SIT all these years because the dedication and passion of my colleagues and students cannot be matched at any other institution I am aware of.”

Last week I was in supervising a public school certification student who is interning at one of the small international high schools in New York City. (more…)

TESOL at 41, SIT at 42

November 5, 2007

World Learning International Center, Brattleboro, Vermont

SIT celebrated its 40th anniversary a couple years ago. A year TESOL Quarterlylater TESOL, a professional association of English language teachers, did the same. Both organizations honored their founders, continued their leadership, and restated their missions as nonprofit entities.

One thing TESOL did was ask the editor of their A. Suresh Canagarajahscholarly journal to make a statement about the status of the field of English language teaching. The article by A. Suresh Canagarajah (right), from March 2006, is a useful snapshot of this time in the profession’s history.