Now is Always a Good Time to Apply

There is no admissions deadline. As a general rule, sooner is better than later. Typically, decisions are made on applications within 3 weeks of when they are complete.

If financial aid is important to you, you will want to give some attention to the priority date of March 1. This is not a deadline, but the date at which priority for scholarships and grants is given to those whose financial aid applications are complete.

The sooner you apply, the sooner you can deepen your understanding of the nuances of this distinct education.

  • Why is the program designed the way it is?
  • What’s so special about the teaching methods used in class?
  • Why do citizens of so many countries enroll in this program?
  • Why do graduates stay in the field of language teaching for so long?

By applying sooner than later, the admissions office can provide you with answers to these and other questions. We can also introduce you to alumni and current students whose answers may differ, but which will give you a sense of perspective and create an image of what your own impressions could be.


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4 Responses to “Now is Always a Good Time to Apply”

  1. Jungsun Kwon Says:

    I need more information.
    Before I apply I would like to make sure that is a good place for my children.
    Will you give me advice?

  2. Sedia Says:

    Brattleboro is a wonderful place to raise children. I can attest to that. The town is very family/community oriented. It is difficult to walk down Main Street without seeing at least one person you know. The crime rate here is incredibly low. The public schools are incredible, as are the private schools. Brattleboro’s ethnic diversity is on the rise too, which is nice to see. Most people are conscious about the earth and what they eat. I love that. Brattleboro is not without its flaws, but it truly is a great place for families.

    ~ Sedia

  3. Oguneme Obinna Hencil Says:

    sincerely speeking, I would love to join your programme, if im being giving the opportunity.

  4. matadmissions Says:

    Paper applications are available by sending your mailing address to

    Applying online is simple, too. Read about one of the MA in Teaching programs, then click the yellow Apply Now button. Begin here:

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